About us

‘We don’t tell you what we have; we ask what you need’.

We have always been proud of our approach. Over the past ten years we have built a solid reputation for quality products, reliability and fantastic service.

The logo stands for quality and passion and we are proud to represent this through our promise to:

  • listen to our customers
  • do what we promised
  • when we promised it
  • appreciate all customers are different and all customers are important
  • never give less than our best
  • never stop learning

Our customers are proud of their businesses and we deliver what we promise to help them offer the best to their customers.

Why choose The Lincoln Tea and Coffee Company?

It is our 100% commitment to be the best we can be. Our products, our service and our passion. How do we know this puts us at the top of our field? An honest answer – because our customers tell us – when taste testing, our prospective customers say our coffee and tea stands out as a top quality product, they love our flexibility to deliver what a customer needs and the level of support we provide at all times.

We stand by our statement of ‘A Fresh Approach…’ and we are 100% committed to this.

Being approachable and knowledgeable, together with top quality products, we feel puts us at the top of our sector. We strive daily to stay up there.

Our Minivan continues to turn heads and has become a true member of our friendly team. People love her and we often receive positive comments.

Our History

We have always been passionate about tea and coffee, and in 2013 we turned that passion into a business which now supplies fine leaf tea, roasted coffee, machines and training with excellent customer service. Susie’s background has always been centred around customer service for both large and small companies, and this is something we feel makes a company stand out.

We are passionate about build long term relationships with our clients and have increased our product lines to fit their individual needs. We supply a full range of tea and coffee, packaged in many ways to suit their different requirements. Our focus is on quality and consistency.

Awards & qualifications

Dealing with food stuffs, we take health and safety seriously. We have a traceability policy in place to ensure we know who has what products from which batch.

We are ICO registered for data protection. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires every organisation that processes personal information to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The Lincoln Tea and Coffee Company takes their responsibilities seriously.