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Our teas are blended here in Lincolnshire using hand-selected fine leaf teas. We are constantly working to extend the range we offer.

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Lincolnshire Tea™


Available in Loose leaf and prism tea bags
Ingredients – Black tea


A special blend of high-grown teas carefully selected to brew well even in the hardest of water. Our blend has a biscuity flavour laced with notes of malt and can be enjoyed at any time of day.


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Rose Congou


Loose Leaf
Ingredients – Black China tea, rose petals, natural rose flavour


A delicately-scented black tea from the hills of Eastern China. The mellow black tea is perfectly counterbalanced by floral notes recalling Turkish Delight and the scents of an English garden.


Lapsang Souchong


Loose Leaf
Ingredients – Black tea from the hills of Fujian Province in China


Fuggy notes abound on this smoked Chinese black tea. This is a classic Lapsang and makes a perfect partner for smoked salmon sandwiches just as its tarry smoke-laced character will appeal to lovers of Islay whisky.




Loose Leaf
Ingredients – Indian Black tea


Darjeeling’s tea gardens cling to the thin soils of the Himalayan foothills producing tiny quantities of tea of supremely expressive character.
We have taken the bold step of blending a first and second flush together to offer the aroma and intensity of the first flush without losing the seductive fruitiness of the second flush.


Ceylon Uva Orange Pekoe


Loose Leaf
Ingredients – Black tea


A light, refreshing high-grown tea from the Eastern ‘Uva’ district of Sri Lanka with hints of caramel and malt and a the attractive wiry leaf style characteristic of great Ceylon Orange Pekoe grade teas.


Jasmine Leaf Scented Tea


Loose Leaf
Ingredients – Green tea from the Guangxi province- the terraced hills to the north east of Nanning in China.


Jasmine is harvested just as the flowers are about to bloom and blended into green tea. As the flowers bloom within the tea, their sweet aroma marries perfectly together leaving one of the world’s great green teas with seductive notes of bubble-gum and sweet floral scent.


Earl Grey


Loose Leaf
Ingredients – Ceylon black tea, bergamot oil and lime peel


A single estate black tea with an aromatic bergamot orange oil and finished with hand-picked lime. A traditional earl grey with a mouth-watering citreous twist. Perfect for an afternoon or garden party.