Beware of bitter imitation

Since launching, we have received sweet feedback about the lack of need for sugar in Lincolnshire Tea. For many, adding sugar is part of their tea making ritual to create sweet tea. “Tea, coffee, sugar” is a regular soundbite in British society. Here at The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company, we are all about being different, so kick that habit of having sugar in tea today.

According to a recent study carried out by the Oral Health Foundation, it was discovered that sugar in tea and coffee is leading one in seven British adults to exceed their recommended daily intake of sugar. According to, 30% of tea lovers combine tea and sugar.  Not such sweet news.

The NHS have released a list of ways to cut down your sugar intake. Here at The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company, our word of advice would be to drink Lincolnshire Tea, then there is less of a need for sugar (as expressed by many at our recent tea tasting on National Tea Day.) By no means is Lincolnshire Tea sweet, however much to our tea lovers delight, it doesn’t leave a bitter taste in the mouth, unlike many teas out there.

One Lincolnshire Tea drinker with diabetes informed us “I drink Lincolnshire Tea because it’s my favourite and I don’t need to add sugar to it. All other brands I have to add a sweetener”.

What not many people realise is that according to WebMD, sugar may also be linked to wrinkles. Sugar is believed to alter the elasticity of the skin, causing wrinkles to form.

Beauty sleep is vital, right, so it may be good to know that if you are struggling to sleep, one of the causes could be the sugar intake from your tea and sugar combo.

NHS and Diabetes UK strongly recommend that you plan your diet around getting a balance, ensuring that you implement a low intake of fat, sugar & salt.

How does sugar affect your body?

According to WebMD, sugar doesn’t have such a sweet impact on our bodies after all…


Sugar takes power over the brain and gives us that “gotta-have-it” feeling.

Your mood

Have you ever heard of “the sugar crash”? Apparently, the feeling is real. Many experience a “sugar high”, but not for long and too much sugar may lead to anxiety and depression.

Your teeth

Sugar is thought to rot your teeth, caused by a build-up of bacteria in the mouth.

Your liver

If you overload on sugar, it is thought that you may become resistant to insulin, causing your body to inefficiently control your blood sugar levels, which could possibly lead to type 2 diabetes.

Your joints

Sugar is thought to cause inflammation in your joints and may lead to rheumatoid arthritis.

Your body weight

Research has shown that people who drink sugar sweetened beverages often weigh more. Leaving a not so sweet taste in the mouth when standing on the scales. Sugar is often referred to as empty calories due to its lack of nutritional value. Drinking tea without sugar will enable you to enjoy the flavour of the tea itself rather than just tasting the sugar, so why not try and get out of the habit of sweet tea today?

Here at The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company, we like to make things easy throughout every stage of your experience, even when it comes to making the decision of having sugar in tea. It is likely that you will choose not to.

Wondering how to get your hands on this gold dust? No need to trek to the end of a rainbow, find your nearest stockist of Lincolnshire Tea online today.

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