Good Taste Editorial

Since winning Select Lincolnshire Wholesaler of the year award, it has again been a busy time at The Lincoln Tea and Coffee Company. “Ensuring we always provide the top quality tea and coffee with excellent service we are so well known for is our priority” says Susie Carlisle. The company also supplies a full range of equipment, servicing and training to the commercial market and are known for their friendly and professional full set-up support service. Started in 2013, they quickly built a solid reputation for quality and have again this year seen fantastic growth. “I am often asked what has been our recipe for starting a brand new business which can go on to win awards and have such a solid reputation in only a few years” says Susie. “The key to our success is passion for tea and coffee and a passion for top service. This is at the heart of our company and with everyone we work with” she answers.


Customers say…

“John and Susie are always ahead of the trend when it comes to tea and coffee and support us with a fantastic all round service, ensuring we are knowledgeable and can serve our customers well, every day”

“From the first meeting I could tell straight away I was talking to the right company. Their knowledge and attention to detail was outstanding”

After listening to customers’ needs they have recently launched Lincolnshire Tea™. High grown East African and Assam black teas blended together resulting in a high quality tea which brews well even in the hardest water. Sampled by Anglian Water, they released the following statement –

‘The geology of the east of England makes our region a hard water area. So having a tea specially blended to take into account the minerals in the water is a great idea, and it tastes delicious!’

Lincolnshire Tea™ is currently available in loose leaf and prism bags and a paper bag version is due to be launched later in the year. “We are proud to be working with local artist Edward Waite who has painted ‘Lincolnshire Icons’ to appear on our retail packaging. The tea has been blended and produced within the county with local water in mind and the packaging will promote this local link.


For more details of the products and services from The Lincoln Tea and Coffee Company visit their website or telephone 01522 681838.