Decaffeinated Pre Ground Espresso 14g Double Shot


Fresh coffee every single time


Want to produce a freshly ground decaffeinated espresso shot, without a separate grinder or buying a larger bag just to go stale? This is the perfect solution!

What Is It:

Pre-Ground Espresso 14g


Coffee from Brazil and Asia. Pre Ground 14g decaf shot, nitrogen flushed to ensure freshness when opened to limit waste. Majority Arabica with small amount Robusta coffee. Created for decaf drinkers to create an espresso; particularly good for milk-based drinks.

How To Enjoy:

This coffee is pre ground, ready to put into a double shot porta filter basket for your espresso machine. Make the espresso double shot as per your machine instructions. This can then be enjoyed to make the usual drink range using steamed milk.

Must be opened just prior to use and used immediately.

Packaged in a protective environment so it tastes as good as the day it was roasted.

Pack Size

10 Decaf Double Shots, 100 Decaf Double Shots

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