Introducing Wrendale Woodland Tea Blend – A Special Every Day Tea by The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company

Wrendale Designs by Hannah Dale and The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company have teamed up to create a special box of tea, featuring a wonderful illustration of woodland creatures, playfully gathering around a forest themed tiered cake stand of afternoon tea treats. 

From your favourite mug to your elegant teapot, Woodland Tea Blend is a delicate yet full bodied tea, to be enjoyed any time of day. A beautiful take on your classic cup of tea. Each box is packed by hand and sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests. The beautiful box contains 40 compostable tea bags.

Susie first met Hannah at an event when their company journeys had just begun and both companies celebrated 10 years last year. Susie has always loved the Wrendale Woodland collection and approached Hannah to bring her vision to life.

Woodland Blend creates that breath of fresh air in your day. A moment for yourself or with those around you. The warm colours of the design match the warmth of the tea. Whether inside or in nature, the beautiful animals can’t help but put a smile on your face. Wherever you are, you will be transported into nature…

A word from Susie, Founder, The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company shares the excitement for this new blend “We are excited to bring you our new Woodland Tea Blend! Such a beautiful tea that can be enjoyed as your first cup of the day, with a mid morning snack or perfect for afternoon tea. Many of you know that one of my favourite things is afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, cake, fine bone china and beautiful tea. Woodland Tea Blend represents this so well. We are lucky to be able to share the news that the talented Hannah Dale has created the artwork for us, it is inspired by the animals I see in my own garden. I love spending time outdoors and enjoying the different seasons. We love working with Hannah, what an honour for her to create the perfect woodland scene artwork for us. Great tea all wrapped up in the paper compostable bags that we are becoming so well known for.”

Hannah Dale, Director, Wrendale Designs thoroughly enjoyed bringing Susie’s vision to life…‘ I was so pleased to be asked by the team at Lincoln Tea and Coffee to work with them on the packaging design for their new Woodland Tea Blend. I’ve known Susie since we both started our businesses and love their ethos, the quality of their products and their commitment to sustainability. As consummate tea drinkers, the Wrendale kitchen is already well stocked with Lincoln Tea and Coffee breakfast tea and we are all looking forward to enjoying a cup of the Woodland Blend with a slice of cake as well.’

Step into nature and enjoy a slice of woodland for yourself with ‘Woodland Tea Blend’, a special every day tea available here.