Lincolnshire Tea Birthday Speech

A Sip-a-licious Birthday Toast!

“It is my pleasure to announce the 1st Birthday of Lincolnshire Tea” Susie Carlisle, Co-Founder of The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company

“Hello Everyone…Wow, I feel overwhelmed, I don’t know what to say.

…I would firstly like to say a huge thank you to my parents (whom have nurtured me from the very beginning), fans and tea connoisseurs for your amazing support for one whole year! A year, I can’t quite believe it. The past year has been an action-packed story of progress, success and tea drinking. None of this would have been possible without the love and support of tea drinkers all around the UK. Thank you for supporting me and letting me show the world what tea is really all about!

Amazing Christening

I would like to take stock of my welcome party into this world. My Christening was held at the Lincoln Castle and was full of love and tea drinkers, a heavenly combination.


I love a good awards ceremony and have been lucky enough to attend several throughout the year.

I received national recognition when I was highly commended at The Great British Food Awards 2018. The only tea to make it to this stage, which made the moment even more special for me.

I was also awarded stars at the Great Taste Awards which I was thrilled about. Anything shiny or sparkly, I love.

Joining The Conversation

I love talking, so it is always great to be on the radio and I have had lots of fun on the radio over the year. After all, tea is often surrounded by conversations. The news of my arrival reached Look North and I even appeared on Four in a Bed.

A Second & Third Birthday

I have been lucky enough to experience national days such as National Tea Day and Lincolnshire Day, both of which are extremely close to my heart and felt like other birthdays to me.


Travelling is in my roots. This year I have been fortunate enough to travel to Outer Mongolia and Brussels to name a few. I was even taken back to one of our fellow County’s, Yorkshire, to be enjoyed.


Although I am merely one year old, I have already had offspring. Earl Grey and Caravan blend were both born this year and despite only being a year old have really blossomed into their own and become independent already.


I love meeting new people and not only have I been a part of thriving conversation in many households, I have also appeared on shelves and in businesses all across the County.

To finish, I would like to read a poem that my owners kindly wrote for me:

Happy Birthday to Lincolnshire Tea!

We’re here for a great occasion,

To remember that Lincolnshire Tea is amazing!

1 year old and here we are –

In such a short time, we have travelled far!


Thanks to afternoon drinkers and midnight thinkers –

We have grown big and become winners!

To educate the world about tea is our duty –

Take a sip and you won’t be moody!

Thank You

There is so much more that I would like to say, but there is always next time.

I am sure a lot more will have happened when we meet again.

In a few weeks, I will be speaking on stage again. If you are free, pop along.

Let’s raise our cups for a tea-toast, cheers…

Thank you and enjoy your evening!”

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