glossa-tea – our tea glossary

We love tea which means that we love all things related to tea and are forever learning more.

Here at The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company, we have created a glossa-tea to expand your vocabulary of tea.


Afternoon Tea is one of Susie’s favourite treats. Our very own hand picked range of teas would sit perfectly on any afternoon tea menu.

Award winning tea and coffee suppliers. We were shortlisted to be Producer of The Year 2018. We are Select Lincolnshire Awards Wholesaler of the Year Winner 2017 and Food, drink and hospitality awards wholesaler of the year winner 2016.

Blend with a biscuity flavour laced with notes of malt and Lincolnshire Tea has been carefully selected to brew in the hardest of water.

Camomile is the bedtime drink within the Carlisle household due to its soothing proper-teas.

Camellia Sinesis refers to the species of evergreen shrub or small tree whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea including black, green and white tea. Who would have thought that they all came from the same plant.

Ceylon tea leaf grading is the process of evaluating products based on the quali-tea and condition of the tea leaves themselves.

Darjeeling is an Indian black tea. John loves a Darjeeling first flush tea, whilst Susie enjoys a second flush Darjeeling tea. Tea flush refers to growing seasons. Our Darjeeling has blending of first and second flush together to offer aroma and intensi-tea of the first flush without losing the seductive fruitiness of the second flush.

Dunking of biscuits in tea has its own competition with official rules called Tea Duelling.

Early Grey Tea is perfect for an afternoon or garden par-tea.

Fine leaf teas at The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company are hand selected and blended here in Lincolnshire.

Hardest of waters Lincolnshire Tea provides an excellent cup of tea.

Infusion refers to the process of extracting flavours from plants, namely tea or herbs by adding liquid to produce a refreshing tasty drink.

Jasmine leaf scented tea is one of Susie’s favourite teas.

Lincolnshire Tea is available in pyramid bags, tea bags and loose lead. Blended by hand in a blending drum, taste tested and hand picked each step of production has quali-tea in mind.

Lapsang Souchong is a loose leaf tea grown in the hills of Fujian Province in China.

Mindfulnes is encouraged, so why not take a moment out of your day to destress with a cup of tea.

Orange Pekoe Tea is on The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company menu and is a light and refreshing tea. This is also the highest grade of Ceylon tea leaf grading. Our new OP is a whole leaf high grown tea OP1 from the Orange Field tea plantation in Sri Lanka.

Orange slices are enjoyed in our Lincolnshire Tea, adding a summer taste to the drink. Orange chunks are also included in our limited edition Caravan Tea.

Pyramid tea bags are 100% recyclable and compostable.

Peppermint Tea is included in Susie’s personal first aid kit as it is suggested to have tummy calming properties and is good for digestion.

Reusable cups create less of an impact on our environment. You will see us using reusable cups are events.

Rose Congou is a mellow black tea counterbalanced by floral notes.

Select Lincolnshire is a group that we are proud to be members of. Supporting fellow food and drink producers in Lincolnshire.

Strainers are an accessory required for loose leaf tea drinkers.

Teapot is a vessel in which tea is brewed and poured.

Will Battle is the author of ‘The World Tea Encyclopaedia’ and is working with us. He has 20 years experience in sourcing and blending tea.

Xcellent is how we at The Lincoln Tea & Coffee company and our tea drinkers rate our teas. We wanted to include X in our glossary!

To try out our tea for yourself, why not check out our online store or the available stockists?

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