Lincolnshire Tea Caravan Blend – Barbecue rain or shine

Russian Caravan Tea was inspired by the 18th century camel caravans which transported tea from China to Russia. It would take at least half a year to make the 6,000 mile journey from the Chinese border to Russia. During the long harsh journey, the travellers at night would huddle around the campfire. As a result, the tea began to take on a smoky flavour from the fires. Some believe that the slight moisture that was absorbed when the tea was unloaded onto the snow at night also enhanced the flavour of the tea.

Susie, Co-Founder of The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company is a huge fan of smoked tea and enjoys it with smoked and barbeque foods. She wanted to create a blend of tea which could be enjoyed during the summer months, a tea to be enjoyed with the family and friends and a tea which would celebrate spending time outside on sunny days. A tea which takes Susie back to happy memories of their young family enjoying caravan holidays… so that is exactly what she did. The smoky flavours remind Susie of crackling campfires, the great outdoors, cosiness and comfort. A coffee drinkers guide on Radio 1 was the icing on top of the cake for Susie’s inspiration to create the Lincolnshire Tea Caravan Blend.

The tales of Russian Caravan Tea captured Susie’s imagination and inspired her to create a Lincolnshire Tea Caravan Blend. “I have been on my own exciting journey creating this tea. I started with our loose-leaf blend of Lincolnshire Tea, added a light smoky touch and a sprinkling of summer”. One of Susie’s favourite summer drinks is a cup of Lincolnshire Tea served hot with a slice of fresh orange; this gave her the idea of adding orange to the Lincolnshire Caravan Blend. “It doesn’t give the tea a strong orange flavour but adds freshness and balance to the cup” Susie explains.

This limited edition for the summer is a truly fine tea with a subtle smokiness which compliments the flavours of traditional summer foods. The tea will be sold in 20 pyramid bags priced at £4.99, from their new online shop. A small batch blend and only 40 packs available, all packed and individually numbered by hand. Even if it is raining, you won’t miss out on the taste of a BBQ.

Be sure to follow our brewing guide to make the best of your BBQ in a mug.

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