Gift Duo – Lincolnshire Tea Box & Arabica Coffee Bags


Why not gift your presence and share a hot drink with a friend or loved one this winter?


A warm hug in a box, this festive gift features 40 compostable paper bags of our small leaf Lincolnshire Tea™ blend & 5 Arabica House Blend 10g Fresh Coffee Bags.

As the cold winter days and nights begin to close in, there really is nothing better than enjoying a hot drink by yourself or with your nearest and dearest.

Lincolnshire Tea™

40 compostable paper bags of our small leaf Lincolnshire Tea™ blend. Our smaller leaf blend is a versatile tea which can make a delicate cup of tea or a stronger brew depending on quantity made and infusion time.
Lincolnshire Tea™ is a special blend of high grown tea from East Africa and the fertile floodplains of the Brahmaputra in Assam. Carefully selected quality teas, blended and taste tested in the traditional way, to achieve a brilliant colour and exceptional flavour even when brewed with the hardest water.

Awarded a Great Taste Award 2022 – tasting comments from the judges “A coppery infused leaf with a bright infusion. The blend produces body and briskness to give a rounded flavour”.

Packaged in a 100% recyclable box, with artwork designed using Edward Waite’s ‘Lincolnshire Icons’.

Ingredients: Black Tea

How to Make
Use freshly boiled water (100°C) and infuse for 3 to 4 minutes or to personal taste. Enjoy black or with milk. For a refreshing twist add a slice of orange or lemon.

Coffee Bags

A blend of 100% Arabica coffees from around the world producing a well-rounded cup with notes of toasted almonds, smooth sweetness, completed by bright fruit acidity. It leaves you with a milk chocolatey finish. A fantastic all day drinking coffee.

This coffee is a 100% Arabica medium roast.

Each biodegradable bag is individually wrapped in recyclable packaging.
Packed in a protective environment to help it stay as fresh as the day it was roasted.

Each coffee bag (just like a tea bag) has 10g of fresh ground coffee so you can now enjoy a cup of fresh coffee where ever you are. All you need is hot water.

For trade enquiries please email us on [email protected] or call us 01522 681838

Merry Christmas from The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company


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