Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea 150g


The champagne of teas!
Recyclable Packaging.


The ‘Champagne’ of the afternoon tea. Darjeeling’s tea gardens cling to the thin soils of the Himalayan foothills producing tiny quantities of tea of supremely expressive character. We have taken the bold step of blending a first flush and second flush together to offer the aroma and intensity of the first flush without losing the seductive fruitiness of the second flush. This has resulted in our own special Darjeeling that sits well on any fine tea menu.

It can of course be enjoyed any time of day, as it is in our office.

Indian Black Tea

150g Loose Leaf. Packaged in our recyclable pouch.

How to Make
We would recommend using filtered water to make this tea. Use freshly boiled water 90°C-95°C. Place one heaped teaspoon per serving and infuse for 3 to 4 minutes or to personal taste.
Enjoy this tea black or with a small dash of milk if your prefer.

How to store
Keep away from light, moisture and strong odours.



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