Steampunk Loose Leaf 150g


A refreshing tea with a subtle smokiness to compliment many foods, including BBQ and smoked foods.


This is a blend of our award-winning larger leaf loose leaf Lincolnshire Tea, smoked China tea and a generous dash of orange peel. The orange does not give this tea a strong orange flavour but gives the tea a refreshing twist!

An exciting brew which can be drunk black, served hot with a slice of fresh orange or even with a dash of milk if you prefer.

A quirky tea to be enjoyed with family and friends outside on sunny days or winter months around the fire. One of Susie’s favourites, this is a truly fine tea with a subtle smokiness which compliments the flavours of many foods, including BBQ and smoked foods.

Small batch blended and packed by hand.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Orange Peel

Brewing Guide
Use freshly boiled water (100°C) and infuse for 3 to 4 minutes or to personal taste. Enjoy black or you can add a dash of milk if desired.

To increase the orange freshness, try adding a fresh slice of orange instead.

1 review for Steampunk Loose Leaf 150g

  1. Rhian w

    Really nice tea
    We had it at the Lincoln steampunk festival and was really nice the smokey taste tea, would be nice on a cold winter day.
    You have to give it a try.

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