How to Make Great Coffee in a Cafetiere

We feel the cafetiere is important in coffee making; many coffee lovers swear by them to provide a rich and full bodied cup. They are simple to use and most kitchens’ boast one. We have an espresso machine at home but the cafetiere still comes out at the end of a meal and is a frequent companion when we go on holiday. This is why in our house our cafetiere is a stainless steel double wall one; it keeps your coffee warm and it is doesn’t get broken when packed for holidays or when my teenager washes it up!

Here is the standard method of making coffee in a cafetiere:

  • Select your coffee type, if you are grinding your own beans then make sure that the grind is set between medium or course, if you grind it too much you risk sediment in your coffee cup and it can reduce infusion time. One desert spoon per cup is the general rule, of course this depends on your own taste.
  • Heat the cafetiere by filling with boiling water and insert the plunger. The reason this is advisable is that a cold cafetiere will lose up to 10 degrees centigrade within the first minute of brewing, which will affect the extraction. Leave to heat for around one minute, then discard the water.
  • Do not boil the kettle again, the water should have cooled sufficiently (one minute) to brew the coffee. Never use boiling water to brew coffee, this destroys the aromatic flavours as well as heightens the bitter and sour ones. Pour the water in slowly at a low height, minimising the risk of agitation to the coffee grounds. Fill it to around 1cm below the spout and leave for one minute.
  • Give the coffee two gentle stirs to ensure that the grounds are evenly wet, replace plunger allowing it to rest just above the water line.
  • Allow the coffee to infuse for 3-4 minutes, then gentle push the plunger down and serve immediately.

Whilst the process may seem a little serious and long-winded, it soon becomes second nature and helps you make the most of the coffee flavour – enjoy!
Try our cafetiere mug so that you can enjoy fresh individual cups of coffee anywhere! It is double walled so it keeps your coffee warm and is easy to clean. Perfect for the office, camping or even just at home.