Office Tea Round – There Is No I In Tea

The office tea round for many forms the working daily routine. Whether you have a schedule of tea makers or a free-flowing approach, the one common denominator is tea. There is some element of community spirit that comes with your colleague remembering how you take your tea. Then again, not everyone joins in with this daily ritual and many offices have a single cup tea maker, you know who you are.


With tea playing such a pivotal role in office life, tea bags are being looked at as regular office supplies, more so than any other office drink. Over a working period of 47 years, employees are thought to drink a staggering 24,684 cups of tea a year, 3-5 cups a day. A figure which is hard to swallow for many businesses.


Where did this routine begin we hear you ask? The tea break has been around since the 19th century, originally taking place at the start of the day between 5 and 6am. Over time, this became a more regular ritual, with several businesses branching out to an afternoon break also.


With the tea break having such an influence on the working day; helping to recharge batteries, building stronger working relationships and for some, a time for relaxation, it is integral that businesses get it right. Fear not as Lincolnshire Tea is available in bulk tea bags of 1,100, making it easier for you to provide a memorable tea experience to all in your office.


Anglian Water- “We love the tea, everyone in the office is enjoying it!”


As you may already be aware, there are several debates regarding tea; milk first or last? biscuit or no biscuit? and don’t forget the cake debate. The list is never ending. At least you will know there is one thing that everyone will agree on, that the tea tastes great. No matter the water type in your office, you are guaranteed a consistently good brew as Lincolnshire Tea has been developed for even the harshest of waters.


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Remember, with Lincolnshire Tea, your office will never kettle for second best.